NSL's unprecedented understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities to GNSS and the RF environment, allows us to test GNSS-based units in terms of their security, functional and operational performance.

NSL provide services to test commercial devices that have been submitted for type approval against detailed functional and non-functional requirements. This includes, for example:

  • Testing the performance of single-constellation, multi-constellation and augmented GNSS
  • Performance testing under nominal, degraded and denied scenarios
  • Testing the Time-To-First-Fix and other performance metrics in presence of obstructions
  • Testing the communications system performance and power management capabilities
  • Testing the resilience against signal interference, spoofing and jamming
  • Testing the vulnerability to tampering and unauthorised external inputs
  • Analysis of the reporting history to identify event characteristics and derive common indicators for incidents, attacks and aberrations
  • For further information of these services, please either email or telephone NSL.